Seismic Navigation Software - For the Processing and QC of Towed Streamer and OBS / Nodal surveys
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Towed Streamer

GeoMetis MX for all 2D and 3D towed streamer configurations.

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Ocean Bottom

GeoMetis BX for all OBS surveys. Processing and QC of Source, Acoustics, First Breaks, Nodal and USBL.

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File Format Checking

GeoMetis PXCheck and SPSCheck to import, view, check and verify all industry standard file formats.

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Navigation Data Tools

Towed streamer network analysis, mapping, geodetic & reprocessing tools.

Need bespoke software for seismic navigation?

NorthStar Geo Limited
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Established in 2012, NorthStar Geo Ltd is a UK company which designs, develops and manages software products used for the processing, quality control and analysis of navigation and positioning data for the seismic exploration industry. The company is supported by over 40 years of experience covering all aspects of navigation and positioning data. This experience has been gained whilst working for a variety of companies, including major seismic Contractors, Consultancies and Equipment Manufacturers.

GeoMetis ShotPoint

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